“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”
Albert Einstein


Welcome to Being Well Psychology, a private psychological practice located at the Victoria Avenue Wellbeing Centre in beautiful Albert Park, Victoria.

Being Well Psychology belongs to a fully registered and endorsed Health Psychologist Valeria Zoteyeva, who has many years of experience in research and clinical work internationally.


Valeria’s values

I consider psychotherapy to be a collaborative and supportive work in which both psychologist and the client give their 100% to working on the difficulties that caused client to seek psychotherapy.

I am committed to give my best to help my clients to get free from unnecessary suffering and internal obstacles and move into development of greater strength, resilience, health and vitality resulting in more satisfying live.

I am also committed to help you to become freer and more confident individual, to create more space for joy and things that really matter to you, as well as learn how to be your own best person no matter what life throws at you.