Welcome to Being Well Psychology!

Being Well Psychology is a private psychological practice located at the Victoria Avenue Wellbeing Centre in beautiful Albert Park, Victoria.

Being Well Psychology belongs to a fully registered and endorsed Health Psychologist Valeria Zoteyeva, who has many years of experience in research and clinical work internationally.

Valeria considers psychotherapy to be a collaborative work in which both psychologist and the client give their best to helping the client to overcome their psychological difficulties. Most frequently these difficulties are caused by internal fears and unhelpful habits and perceptions, which are hard to see and change on our own. Because it is hard for most people to face their fears Valeria believes that an atmosphere of security, clarity and human presence is imperative for this kind of work. In order to ensure such atmosphere Valeria continuously spends significant amount of time and efforts on her professional and personal development. 



Valeria’s values

Hi, I am Valeria and I would like to briefly tell you about my professional and personal values, so you could know what to expect from working with me.  I believe that successful process of therapy depends on  optimal balance between client’s needs for emotional safety and  the level of challenge they can tolerate while doing the work.  Because of it I strive to give my best to the process of therapy, while making sure that I am present with my client and doing no harm. We are all unique individuals  with unique life stories – very different, yet we all are in the same boat when it comes to reality and what we find challenging in dealing with it. We all fall into traps created by our internal fears and those affect how clearly we can see what is really happening. For example, it is not uncommon for my clients to discover that in some circumstances they were scared to use their strength and acted in the way which – they realised looking at the bigger picture –  they normally wouldn’t. We can’t change the reality, but we can change the ways we are treating and helping ourselves given our circumstances, and looking at own life with honest clarity, curiosity, and care helps us to make choices we can make and use resources we can use in the ways that serve our best interests.

I am committed:

  • To be present with you every moment of our interaction;
  • To help you to get free from unnecessary suffering and internal obstacles and move into development of greater strength, resilience, health and vitality;
  • To help you to become freer and more confident individual, to create more space for joy and things that really matter to you personally;
  • To provide you with secure space for developing a better relationship with the most important person in your life – yourself, as well as  helping you to learn how to be your own best friend no matter what life throws at you.

Contact me if you would like to know more.