Welcome to Being Well Psychology

Being Well Psychology is a private psychological practice located at the Victoria Avenue Wellbeing Centre in beautiful Albert Park, Victoria.

This practice was established to provide effective evidence based psychological services at affordable prices.

Being Well Psychology belongs to a fully registered and endorsed Health Psychologist Valeria Zoteyeva, who has many years of experience in research and clinical work internationally.



                            Being Well Psychology offers treatment for the following range of problems:

     * Depression, anxiety and stress;

     * Self defeating and self sabotaging patterns in life, personal stagnation;

     * Chronic pain; medically unexplained (somatic) symptoms;

     * Establishing healthy eating patterns (e.g. issues with comfort eating, binge eating; body image issues)

     * Sleep issues;

     * Couple, interpersonal, relationship and intimacy problems.

Briefly about Valeria

Valeria is a fully registered and endorsed Health Psychologist. She has many years of experience in research and clinical work in Australia and internationally. She holds her Masters in Health Psychology from Monash University and her Masters in Performance & Organizational Psychology from overseas. She has completed extensive training program in psychological treatment of tension related chronic pain and is also a Certified Sleep Psychologist with the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Valeria’s clients report significant long-term improvement because she works collaboratively with them on their core issues and not only on symptom management. She is dedicated to helping people reduce their suffering and to live up to their full potential, as well as maximize their creative expression.

If you want to know more or just want to talk to Valeria – you are welcome to claim your initial 15 minute over the phone consultation free of charge. Please contact Valeria if you would like to know more or schedule the conversation. You can also find more information about practical aspects and frequently asked questions here.